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Our strength is the wide range of bollards. whatever the need , ranging from residential security installation to the highest level of anti-terrorist securities, we have it all!
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This month we would like to reflect on a product that might seem unusual but in reality is much appreciated where high security solutions are essential.

Roadblockers are suitable for installations in high risk sites such as airports, government buildings, military bases or even to improve the security level of industrial areas.

Pilomat roadblocker RB1000 has achieved the PAS68 Certification as it succesfully stopped a 7500Kg mass truck traveling at a speed of 80 Km/h.


Pilomat Roadblocker

The motorized platforms, in general called road blockers, use electrohydraulic movement and are available in two different mechanical toughness and different lenghts, in order to meet all market requirements, from company driveways to the highest level of anti-terrorism protection.

Pilomat Srl manufactures two models, RB500 and RB1000, with the same design and lengths but different heights. The lifting time of the road blockers depends on the respective heights.

The E.F.O. circuit – Emergency Fast Operation – is helpful in case a further security measure is required, as it allows the system to raise in 2 seconds only.

PILOMAT’s strength is its wide range: whatever the need, ranging from security installation to the highest level of anti-terrorism securities, we have it all.