Road Blocker

Road Blocker
datasheet RB500
Road Blocker
datasheet RB1000
Road blocker surface mounted with built-in hydraulic pump
Road Blocker
datasheet RBS500

The motorized platforms, in general called road blockers, use electrohydraulic movement and are available in two different mechanical toughness and different lenghts, in order to meet all market requirements, from company driveways to the highest level of anti-terrorism protection. Many optionals items are available for PILOMAT ROAD BLOCKER in order to configure each individual system. PILOMAT ROAD BLOCKERS are built at “low outline” for limiting the depth of the basement compartment underground and to avoid the main problems of laying in presence of public services (cables ducts, drainage systems, and similar); moreover it is possible to install the road blocker “on ground level” by using a slope.

500 Series

PILOMAT ROAD BLOCKER basic is the basic version, not certified, typically used for perimeter protection of companies, hotels, convention centers and similar. The 500 series requires the installation of a basement compartment of about 200 mm; it rises form the ground 500 mm and the lenghts available are : 2.000 mm, 3.000 mm and 4.000 mm (greater lenghts are available on request).

RB 500 Series
1000 Series

PILOMAT ROAD BLOCKER high security is the high security certified version  (PAS68:2013 Certification concerning a Crash test done with a 7500 Kg truck at 80 Km/h), typically used for the anti-terrorism protection at the highest levels. The 1000 series requires the installation of a basement compartment of about 400 mm; it rises from the ground 1000 mm and the lenghts available are : 2.000 mm, 3.000 mm, 4.000 mm (greater lenghts available on request).

RB 1000 Series

PILOMAT ROAD BLOCKER SURFACE, RBS500, is designed for installation at “surface level” by means of chemical anchors, in order to avoid the execution of civil works and therefore any issues relating to the presence of sub-services.

The RBS500 series rises from the ground 450mm and the lenghts available are : 3.500mm, 4.500mm and 5.500mm.

datasheet RBS500
RB 1000 Certified
PAS68:2013 road blocker V/7500(N3)/80 (K12) Rating

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