PILOMAT S.r.l. counts itself among the top leading manufacturers of automated access control technologies in the world. The top priority is the continued development and expansion of the line of products, which is carried out entirely within the company to ensure speedy and precise responses to the various demands of the international market. We have ensured the guarantee of the reliability and longevity of our mission, through the development of our philosophy geared towards quality improvement, as well as placing ever higher quality standards into our production at competitive costs and reduced lead time and schedule.

Bollards since more than 20 years

At PILOMAT we believe that the best feature of a product is its quality. We believe in the innovation and research of new products that understand and cater to customer demands, allowing for full functionality and security, with improved performance and greater benefits for the consumer.

Tradition and experience are important values,  a treasure that we always put into play in order to meet the new challenges that lie ahead.  To this end, we constantly invest our resources, time and energy in research, technological innovation and instruction.

The present and future of our professional capacity is held through our willingness to evaluate it any time.

PILOMAT’s strength is its wide range:  whatever the need, ranging from residential security installation to the highest level of anti-terrorism securities, we have it all.

Our products and accessories always provide for the possibility to find the ideal solution to satisfy any needs regarding management, safety, and design.



PILOMAT S.r.l. has been operating for over 40 years in the installation business, specialising in the design and manufacture of automotive products geared toward access control with concealed technology, designed to meet heavy-duty needs.


To the end of fostering greater confidence with the clients, PILOMAT S.r.l. has set an ambitious goal focused on the customers,  responding quickly to new market demands. The programme includes: market research, design planning, prototyping, testing and trials, design validation, production and testing, training for customers and distributors, sales and customer service.


In 2009, PILOMAT S.r.l. moved into the new headquarters in Grassobbio (BG), in an industrial area of 12,000 m2 with a floor area of 7,200 m2, an area with new and spacious commercial administrative offices, technical, research and development offices for designing and experimenting with cutting-edge methods and means, customer service and maintenance, and above all else, complete production process with a large and comprehensive stock of products, accessories, and parts which allows for quick answers, deliveries, and spare parts that are always in availability.

The flagship products are the automatic PILOMAT bollards, hydraulic movement, technology that is universally recognised as the most reliable, seeing as it is a constant development in technology, the pace of the movement being constant, linear and low in noise, as well as uses materials that are reliable and durable, dependable in all temperatures and weather conditions.