Image of an automatic bollard made of stainless steel
E-GO 114-600A
E-GO 114-800A


E-GO is an automatic bollard with electromechanical operator designed primarily for residential projects. With a simple installation process and a small footprint, it is the ideal solution for securing your vehicles and protecting your assets.

General features

Operation: the rising and lowering are operated by the built-in electromechanical actuator.

Frequency of use: EM series electromechanical bollards are recommended for installations with medium frequency of use, approx. 100 cycles/day.

Electronic board: The control unit is designed for the management of max. 3 bollards.

Design and quality: E-GO is available in stainless steel with an elegant brushed finish. The tapered line makes it ideal for any residential projects. 

Environment friendly: Equipped with an electromechanical actuator, it ensures low consumption and limited maintenance, in terms of time and costs. 

Quick installation: Thanks to its simplicity it is also easy-to-install, in just a few steps.  It can be activated with radio transmitters or other devices. 

Recommended uses
  • Private Car Parks
  • Private Driveways

Protect your home and your outdoor spaces with the new E-GO bollard, minimal and elegant, automatic and electromechanical,

so easy to install that you could do it yourself!

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