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1 . Copyright

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2 . Conditions of Use

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3. Logos

3.1 Commonly used logos are the following:

pilomat copyright

3.2 The logo and the symbol PILOMAT , as well as the corporate slogan ” mastership in retractile technology ” can be used only upon authorization of PILOMAT Srl.
3.3 The use of the logo or symbol PILOMAT is allowed in case of realization of “hyperlink” as quoted in section 4.
3.4 The logo without slogan is used in place of the logo with slogan in situations which require a width equal to 3 cm or 200 px, or less. Colours and proportions of the logo and the symbol cannot be altered in any way.

4. Hyperlinks

4.1 The logo or symbol PILOMAT can be used for the realization of hyperlinks for direct access to the home page of our website from any external website under the following conditions :
a. the user is a customer or he wants to report PILOMAT products.
b. by clicking on the logo the opening of the homepage of the official website www.pilomat.com is immediate .
c . the use of the logos and links does not affect the company’s image .
d. the logo and its link to the website belong to PILOMAT Srl.
e. the conditions of step 3 must be respected.
4.2 If the site containing the logo and the link PILOMAT is considered improper or damaging to the company’s image , PILOMAT Srl reserves the right to request the removal of their logo in conjunction with a request for compensation .
4.3 PILOMAT S.r.l. assumes no responsibility for the content of links created by third parties .
4.4 To ensure the supervision of the use of the logo and the company website , we ask to anyone who uses the logo PILOMAT for the creation of a link to our homepage to notify PILOMAT Srl by sending a written communication to: pilomat@pilomat.com

5 . Responsibility

5.1 PILOMAT S.r.l. reserves the right to update or modify this website at its sole discretion and without notice.
5.2 The information contained in this website may not reflect the latest situation regarding our products, we invite you to contact our office to verify the reliability of the information , and to get information on the latest situation .
5.3 The User has the sole responsibility for the access to this website and use of the material contained herein. The User has the responsibility to protect himself from computer viruses or
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5.4 The terms of use and the relationship with the user are set by Italian law . Any dispute will be regulated by the provisions of Italian law and referred to the jurisdiction of the Court of Bergamo ( Italy ) .