automatic bollard with brushless motor
275/K4 900SA
Automatic electromechanical bollard
275/M30 1200SA

Semiautomatic bollards are recommended for installations that do not require many passages per day.  Rising and lowering are operated by means of a battery drill.

These semi-automatic bollards belong to the High Security range, which includes solutions designed for areas of maximum security such as government buildings, airports, areas for events or other sensitive areas.

Certified ASTM F2656-07 – PAS68: 2013 – IWA-14: 2013

General features
Recommended uses

No power supply required: the semi-automatic bollards do not need electric connections, for this reason the installation is quicker.

Built-in hydraulic unit: the product is more compact thanks to the integrated hydraulic unit and this ensure also a higher protection against tampering.

Lowering and lifting: manual lowering and lifting of the cylinder with electric screwdriver using a supplied special insert.

High impact resistance: the semiautomatic bollards of the High Security range are designed for the perimeter protection of sensitive sites.

  • Company Driveways
  • Industrial Driveways
  • Research Centres
  • Embassies
  • Police Headquarters
  • Military Bases
  • Ministerial Buildings
  • Sensitive Sites