Smart Access Control

What is P-Connect?

P-Connect is the access control device that allows for the remote management of your systems, wherever you are, quickly and easily.

The solution is designed for the management of any Pilomat automatic product and it is compatible with existing systems controlled by GSM modules, remote controls, license plate readers and other access control systems.

The portal is accessible via the web from any operating system and does not require software installation.

The platform is intuitive and versatile, it allows to create different hierarchies according to the customer’s needs.

What does P-Connect do?

The software

P-Connect allows you to program systems by the web in a simple and intuitive way, with a significant reduction in configuration and management times.

It shows the status of the Pilomat system (raised or lowered) and can command lifting and lowering with a simple click.

It is equipped with additional inputs for connecting devices such as license plate reader, RFID and specific inputs for signaling alarms and faults in the Pilomat system.

It can gradually update an existing system, without data loss and keeping the customer’s previous settings.

The portal

P-Connect can manage an unlimited number of systems and users.

It shows the position of the controlled systems both as a list and as a map.

It divides the users by access levels according to their permissions (main manager, maintenance team, end user) and can group them for a faster management.

It shows the authorizations assigned to each single user and his access history.

It can remotely activate and deactivate the remote controls, users’ phones and other control devices.

Access and authorization can be programmed according to the calendar (holidays, time slots, customized days).

The end user

Among the standard control devices, the end user can also use the App with geolocation to access the passage.

When the telephone signal is weak or absent, it is possible to open the system via Bluetooth.

Picture showing a city and the main buildings

Who is it for?

P-Connect is the perfect solution for:

  • Public administration – Real-time monitoring of access to limited traffic areas, divided by citizens and external users
  • Companies and offices – Perimeter control and subdivision of users by access levels
  • Transport and logistics – Efficient management of vehicles through license plate recognition
  • Health – Management of access to areas reserved for staff and suppliers (first aid, warehouse, …)
  • Tourism – Different access levels for staff members and customers, only for the period of stay
  • And other…

Control devices

P-connect can remotely activate and deactivate the following devices:

  • Remote controls
  • Smartphones
  • Plate readers
  • Proximity readers
  • App
  • Bluetooth
  • others

This is just a short presentation of the several possibilities that P-Connect can offer

Our Sales team will be glad to show you all the features!