PILOMAT CHAIN ​​is the new automatic barrier with moving chain with electromechanical movement to mark driveways and private parking places.

General features

Large delimitation: PILOMAT CHAIN ​​allows the delimitation of areas up to 20m;

Linear and powerful moving: PILOMAT CHAIN ​​has two 24V motors (one in each column) that give to the chain a linear movement and allow to lift chains up to 8Kg;

Safe operation: PILOMAT CHAIN is equipped with a ​​ impact analysis sensor to ensure the maximum safety in the operation;

Underground guide: an optional item is available (recommended) which consists of a U-guide to ground below the perpendicular of the chain, to allow the placing of the chain when lowered;

Operation in power failure: there is an additional item which is a power supply unit with battery accumulator to allow the temporary operation of PILOMAT CHAIN ​​in case of temporary power failure;

Actual product may differ from image shown