Motorized barriers with vertical movement, called PILOMAT BARRIER, are available, depending on installation requirements, in different lengths (from 3 meters to 6 meters) they have a considerable mechanical strength to meet the highest anti-terrorism security because they are designed to resist to a breakout of a truck having a weight of 6.800Kg which impacts at 80Km/h (according to legislation USA SD-STD-02.01 – today ASTM F2656-07).

General features

Hydraulic movement: the most reliable technology at all temperatures and weather conditions but especially for the  intensive use;

Built-in hydraulic pump: this philosophy offers many advantages, especially in installations in places with severe winter temperatures or when the installation requires a considerable distance (up to 80 meters) between the PILOMAT and the control unit;

Wide range of optional configurations: custom colors, EFO circuit for emergency rising in a second, acoustic signal, heating resistance, ups group, command equipment (see optional items and accessories).

Actual product may differ from image shown