P – SA Series

127/P 500SA
127/P 600SA
220/P 600SA
220/P 800SA
275/P 500SA
275/P 600SA
275/P 800SA

The range of semiautomatic PILOMAT bollards includes a wide selection of items with different mechanical and dimensional characteristics. They have the same architectural aspects as the automatic PILOMAT and they allow the combined use of both versions.

General features

The Semiautomatic PILOMAT are used to define or prevent the stationing or transit of vehicles in pedestrian or private areas. Because of the procedure of parking, it is advised that the semi-automatic PILOMAT be used only if the amount of daily movements is limited (if not, the automatic PILOMAT should be used).


The rising of the semiautomatic pilomat comes using the mechanical key that unlocks the restraint, resulting in automatic bollard rise due to the gas-embedded actuator; a high bollard restraint system locks in place, preventing the possibility of lowering to the people without the key.

The lowering is carried out through the release of the restraint with the use of the mechanical key and the resulting push to the ground, acting with the foot on the head of the bollard; when the bollard is completely down the restraint system automatically locked, preventing the possibility of it being raised.

Choice of optional configurations: FE370 or AISI 304 stainless steel moving cylinders, custom colours, flashing lights integrated in the head, individual mechanical keys.

Actual product may differ from image shown