Fixed Bollards

The range of fixed PILOMAT bollards includes a wide selection of items with different mechanical and dimensional characteristics. They have the same architectural aspects as the automatic PILOMAT and they allow the combined use of both versions.

PL Series

127/PL 500F – 127/PL 600F – 127/PL 800F – 220/PL 600F 275/PL 500F – 275/PL 600F –

275/PL 800F

PF Series

127/PF 500F – 127/PF 600F – 127/PF 800F – 220/PF 600F 275/PF 500F – 275/PF 600F – 275/PF 800F

FB Series

275/P10FB 600F – 275/P10FB 800F

K4/K4FB/M30FB series

275/K4 700F – K4FB/M30FB – 275/K4FB 700F – 275/K4FB 900F – 275/M30FB 1200F

k12FB/M50FB series

275/K12FB 900F – 275/M50FB 1200F

modulo con 3 dissuasori fissi

K4SF series

275/K4SF 900F

K12/M50 SF series

275/K12SF 900F – 275/M50SF 1200F

FIXED DESIGN BOLLARD IN stainless steel brushed

design series

102/900 F – 140/900 F – 168/900 F