oktablock temporary bollard

The high security OKTABLOCK bollards are used to protect the perimeter of streets, squares, street markets and all those areas used for temporary events in general, in order to prevent access to vehicles and trucks that could threaten the safety of people.  Thanks to its design the bollard can be quickly moved by means of a pallet truck. 

General features

The temporary „Oktablock“ bollard protects the access to streets and areas for outdoor events, keeping people safe from possible vehicles used for terrorist attacks.

This bollard is certified as a single-element according to the international Crash test standards: BSI PAS68: 2013 and IWA-14-1: 2013 Crash-Test Level „N2 / N2A“. The Crash Test is carried out with a class N2/N2A truck of 7.500Kg mass which impacts against the bollard at a speed of 50 km/h. The resulting impact energy is about 700,000 Joules.

The certification is also valid for installations with multiple Oktablock bollards, since the crash test was done on a single element.

For the installation no civil works are required, which are essential instead in the case of automatic and fixed bollards. No anchorages in the road surface or the laying of power cables are required for fitting Oktablock.

Thanks to its geometry, there is no predefined impact side and Oktablock can therefore prevent vehicle collisions from several sides outside the protected area. The Oktablock design is deliberately simple and therefore not perceived as „threatening“.

Furthermore, the innovative Oktablock bollard is tamper-proof and requires no protection before and during the event.

Actual product may differ from image shown