Design Bollards

fixed design bollard with flat top

straight cover

fixed design bollard with inclined top

chamfered cover

fixed post 102/900F - 140/900F - 168/900F with round top

concave cover

Fixed Design bollad with 1 ring

wide ring

Fixed Design bollad with 4 rings

quadruple ring

With the fixed design Bollards, sidewalks, pedestrian areas or public spaces can be easily separated from the rest of road traffic in an elegant and cheap way. They are mainly installed in a row so that they can be used to avoid parking or entering a certain area. The passage remains allowed for pedestrians or cyclists.

General features

Finish: Design bollards are available in either the painted steel version or with a brushed stainless steel surface.

Fitting: These items can be cemented to the ground or be secured by means of chemical anchors in places where you cannot make the same anchor, or where masonry is already completed.

Available products: 5 models and 3 different diameters (ø102mm, ø140mm and ø168mm) for a harmonious design

Optional: reinforced cylinder and ground fitting to increase the impact resistance of the design bollards

Recommended uses
  • Pedestrian Areas
  • Commercial Driveways
  • Parkings
  • Historical centers
  • Hotels
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