275/k4SF 900f 
with fitting depth 200mm
with fitting depth 300mm

The SF SERIES static bollards belongs to the High Security range.  These products have been designed with a flat base for fitting over supply lines laid in the ground or e.g. over underground garages.

The series includes also some additional modules of different shapes and dimension that can be combined together for a complete perimeter protection.

The installation requires just 200mm depth (300mm if the road is in paving stones).

Certified ASTM F2656-07 – PAS68: 2013 – IWA-14: 2013

Standard module

Standard ground fitting with 3 fixed cylinders

Standard module with central cylinder

Standard ground fitting with central bollard. Arrangement in direction of travel to centre

Standard module with 2 cylinders

Standard ground fitting with 2 bollards. Arrangement in direction of travel to centre / right or left

1 additional bollard

Ground fitting with 1 bollard to extend the standard ground fitting

2 additional bollards

Ground fitting with 2 bollards to extend the standard ground fitting

Module with 3 bollards in 90° arrangement

Ground fitting in 90° angle arrangement with 3 fixed bollards

General features
  • Low fitting: Very low installation depth of only 200 mm for road surfaces with asphalt. Optional: 300 mm fitting depth for road surfaces e.g. with paving stones.
  • Custom angle arrangements: the bollard modules can be fitted at 90°, 45° and 30° angles. The bollard modules can also be used with gradients.
  • Harmonious appearance: these static bollards can be fitted in combination with other High Security bollards thanks to matching cylinders.
  • Little earthworks and reduced assembly time: thanks to ready-to-fit modules, including steel reinforcement, the installation is very quick.
Recommended uses
  • Company Driveways
  • Industrial Driveways
  • Research Centres
  • Embassies
  • Police Headquarters
  • Military Bases
  • Ministerial Buildings
  • Sensitive Sites

Actual product may differ from image shown