First durability test: 6000 cycles/day

Image of an automatic Pilomat bollard while rising

10 Oct First durability test: 6000 cycles/day

Follow with us the test we are performing in our outdoor test area!

Pilomat 275/K12EMB-900A, electromechanical bollard with brushless motor, is the product chosen for a durability test.

What is a durability test? The goal of this test is to check that an active roadway barrier systems is capable of operating for 200,000 continuous cycles, without failure of any component necessary for continued operation of barrier. Cycle testing shall be performed in configuration where active barrier itself is located in outdoor location that will expose unit to full sunlight and effects of climatic conditions at test facility (pollution, rain, snow, sleet, etc.).

In these days a special camera is monitoring our automatic bollard to check that it can handle 6000 cycles / day (about 245 cycles / hour) and no need of ordinary maintenance. A “cycle” means a complete extension and lowering of the bollard cylinder.

The test is made in collaboration with TÜV Rheinland Italia which is remotely checking the daily cycles without faults. In addition, to count the effective number of movements we have installed our brand new product P-Connect, which allows for the remote activation of automatic Pilomat products but also for monitoring their performance and for checking any fault.

We have chosen this period of the year because we are in between warm temperatures by the day and cold temperatures at night, in addition the fall season should bring rain and bad conditions which will help us verify the performance of this electromechanical bollard in different ambient conditions.

This time we have set an ambitious objective but we think it is feasible for our high security product, thanks to its design and the brushless technology.

Nowadays most of the manufacturers of automatic rising bollards on the market declare that the use frequency is 2000 cycles/day, this means that their product is designed for an intensive use (about 83 cycles / hour). Thanks to this proof not only will we prove that the bollard is three times more resistant, but also that it allows for reduced maintenance actions.

  • The brushless operator ensures high performance and maintains the rising and lowering speed constant;
  • The brushless technology we’ve chosen for our High Security Line, besides being environment friendly, prevents overheating of the motor and therefore it ensures a long-lasting life.
  • Thanks to its components and the soft start-and-stop, this security bollard has a very silent operation;
  • It is certified to PAS68, IWA-14 and ASTM M50 (K12) standards.
Durability test on Automatic bollard with brushless motor

Certified to PAS68, IWA-14, ASTM M50 (K12)