Pilomat solutions against ram-raids

Image of an automatic bollard installed in front of a shop's window for protection

01 Dec Pilomat solutions against ram-raids

Protecting shops and commercial activities: Pilomat security bollards as a defense against ram-raids

In the urban landscape, shops and commercial activities are often exposed to various risks, including the danger of car-ramming attacks. These attacks consist of using vehicles as tools to break through the walls or windows of buildings, causing enormous damage and putting people’s safety at risk.

To counter this type of threat and protect shops and commercial activities, various safety devices have been developed, including traffic bollards. These devices, also known as Pilomat, are structures placed near entrances or along roads which have the task of preventing unauthorized access or slowing down the speed of vehicles.

Tentato furto con auto-ariete bloccato da Pilomat from Pilomat Bollards on Vimeo.

Traffic bollards are designed to provide a physical barrier against unauthorized vehicles. They can be installed in different shapes and sizes, from fixed pillars to retractable elements controlled by remote control or automated systems.

These devices are made of sturdy materials such as stainless steel or other high-strength materials. They are designed to resist collisions and impacts, making it difficult or impossible for a vehicle to penetrate through them.

  1. Preventing car-ram attacks: Traffic bollards prevent vehicles from reaching the speed necessary to be used as collision weapons.
  2. Protection of people and property: They reduce the risk of structural damage and injury to people inside or near commercial establishments.
  3. Access Control: They can be used to regulate vehicular access by allowing only authorized vehicles to enter certain areas.
  4. Versatility in installation: Traffic bollards can be installed in different environments, such as streets, car parks or building accesses.
  • Security requirements: Ensure that bollards comply with safety standards and can withstand vehicle impacts.
  • Design and integration: Integrate the bollards into the surrounding environment without compromising the aesthetics or functionality of the area.
  • Maintenance and Operation: Ensure proper maintenance of devices to ensure they are always operational and ready for use in the event of an emergency.
  • Local regulations: Comply with local laws and regulations regarding the installation of road safety devices.

Traffic bollards are an effective option for protecting shops and businesses from the threat of car rammers. Their strategic installation can help prevent attacks, ensure people’s safety and preserve property. However, it is essential to carefully consider various factors, including technical aspects, regulations and specific needs of the area in which they are installed, to ensure effective protection and correct integration into the urban context.