Pilomat presents Road Blocker Mobile

Image of Pilomat Road Blocker Mobile after crash-test IWA 14

15 Nov Pilomat presents Road Blocker Mobile

DIN SPEC 91414 certified temporary solution, ideal for securing squares or areas intended for specific events

Image of the Pilomat road blocker mobile, a temporary solution to protect squares and outdoors events

Pilomat once again conquers the top the podium today: the new Road Blocker Mobile RBM presented at Sicurezza – designed by the company’s R&D team and built in the Grassobbio production plant – has passed a structured series of tests that establish it as the absolute pinnacle of its category. Road Blocker Mobile is in fact not only certified IWA 14-1:2013 and DIN SPEC 91414-1-2021 but also has the highest handling level ever tested for products of this kind: MK2.

Designed to protect, in a given period of time, streets, squares or external areas where demonstrations or events are to be held and where a massive number of people is therefore expected – from concerts to festivals, from open-air trade fairs to Christmas markets – RBM is a temporary solution as it only rests on the ground, without any type of fixing. Extremely versatile technology, capable of adapting to different situations and areas of different sizes, this new Pilomat solution offers a modular concept, allowing you to combine multiple fixed pedestrian modules and modules with a mobile element. In the raised position, the door of the mobile modules allows the protection of the location, while, if lowered (movement occurs manually, via an integrated handle), it leaves free passage for emergency vehicles. Precisely this versatility, combined with record-breaking security level, differentiates it from more traditional products normally chosen to protect places temporarily, such as concrete barriers.

Equipped as standard with a front and rear ramp, the modules also have side ramps as an option and can be moved simply with a forklift or manual crane.

Prepared for installation combined with Oktablock, a temporary bollard also designed by Pilomat, Road Blocker Mobile can not only be purchased by Municipalities, event organizers or other clients, but also rented by the latter, for an easier format and with lower economic impact.

Easy fitting and removal – in just 20 minutes the product can be mounted on a finished surface – the new Pilomat mobile road blocker features a series of options, useful for embellishing the aesthetics of the product or further improving its comfort: from the Design kit, a elegant customizable aluminum cover available for the mobile door, the Lighting Strip kit for night lighting, up to the Comfort Kit, equipped with a decelerator for more comfortable closing of the platform, an ergonomic handle and a system capable of simplifying the installation of ramps. Finally, RBM can be painted in any RAL color and made even more resistant by a special marine anti-corrosion treatment, ideal if you are in areas with saline environmental conditions.

As regards performance, the new RBM first passed the crash test, stopping a 7,500 kg truck moving at 50 km/h and is therefore now IWA 14-1:2013 certified. Not only that: our mobile road blocker is also certified DIN SPEC 91414-1-2021-04, a standard for which a displacement test is required, which saw the product move just 10 cm from the installation point, when the truck , without a run-up, it leaned on the mobile door and started to accelerate, both a manipulation test, which simulates a real attempt at tampering and which gave RBM a MK2 level.

Pilomat is the first company to bring to market a DIN SPEC 91414 certified mobile road blocker with MK2 handling level.