Image of the exclusive anticorrosion treatment developped by Pilomat for its products


What’s the bitter enemy of our products?

If you’re planning to install a bollard or road blocker close to the sea, in a saline ambient or in cold Countries, you should read this article!

The great enemy of steel is corrosion and therefore rust. Protecting the steel from rust is essential: it allows the structure to operate for the entire expected life cycle; it preserves the raw material, which at the end of the life cycle can be recycled without losing even a gram in rust.

Over the years we have developed a special anticorrosion treatment, carefully studied together with our supplier, to withstand salt spray tests in the worst conditions, according to ISO 9227 standard. The marine treatment, a multi-stage painting process, is applicable on our range of products from bollards to road blockers, as optional. It can be applied both on the frame and the cylinder of traffic bollards, road blockers and tyre killers.

We suggest it for projects at less than 3Km from the sea or in saline ambient conditions (i.e. the presence of salt on roads to prevent ice formation). Choose the anticorrosion marine treatment for your projects if you’re looking for the highest level of protection against corrosion, available only by Pilomat!

Why choosing our marine treatment instead of hot dip galvanizing? 

Pilomat marine treatment

– As for the resistance to corrosion, our treatment has successfully passed the salt spray chamber test (ISO 9227) at the C5-M level for 875 hours.
– The marine treatment allows for a final coating in the RAL decided by the customer. 
– The coating finish is uniform.
– The perfect execution of the different steps ensures a long life to coating.

Hydraulic bollard with protection to corrosion treatment
anti-corrosion treatment finish

Hot dip galvanizing

– Also the hot dip galvanizing has successfully passed the salt spray chamber test according to ISO 9227.
– Applying a final coating is not possible.
– The finish of this treatment is not uniform.
– Over time it loses its initial brilliance and takes on a matte finish. 

Automatic bollard with hot dip galvanizing treatment
hot dip galvanizing finish

Want to know more about our standard anti-corrosion treatments? 

As standard we apply a specific anti-corrosion treatment depending on the material of the product, which ensures a higher resistance of the material to corrosion and a long-lasting painting. All our treatments are made in compliance with the ISO 12944 standard, a regulation that evaluates the quality of the paint treatment depending on the level of protection to corrosion.  This treatment has successfully passed the salt spray chamber test (ISO 9227) at C4 level for 740 hours. An accurate execution is essential for the proper fixing of the final coating. Moreover the first steps, such as sandblasting and primer coating, are the ones that allow for the correct fastening of the paint to the mater

Image of road blocker frame after sandblasting process

Image of primer coating process on the frame of a road blocker

Image of special coating for corrosion protection for bollards and road blockers

Picture of a man coating the steel frame of a road blocker